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Get started

Polar FlowSync doesn't support your operating system.


Download Polar FlowSync to set up your Polar product and keep it up to date.

Download for Mac Download for Windows


Run the setup software. If Polar FlowSync doesn't open automatically after the installation, start it manually.

3Plug in

Hook up your product to a computer with the cable that came with it and we'll walk you through the setup which includes signing up to Polar Flow.

Get started

Polar FlowSync works with these products. Find out how to start using them:

  • Polar Loop

  • Polar V800

  • Polar M400

  • Polar A300

  • Polar V650

How to start using Polar Loop

How to make Polar Loop fit your wrist

How to start using Polar V800

Plan your training

How to start using Polar M400

Tracking Activity with Polar M400

How to start using Polar A300

Tracking activity with Polar A300

How to start using Polar V650

Polar Flow web service

Polar Flow app

Check and sync your activity on the go. Download the app* for free.

App Store

Google Play

Flow App iOS: Polar Loop, V800, M400
Flow app Android: Polar Loop, V800, M400