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Hello there,

Now that was a good move - it's great to see you here! To get you going with Polar Loop, check out our step-by-step guide.

1 Plug in

Hook up your Polar Loop with your computer to wake it up.

2 Set up

Download Polar FlowSync to set up your Polar Loop and keep your activity data synced.

Polar FlowSync doesn't support your operating system.

Do you still want to download FlowSync for Windows, OS X

3 Sign up

Sign up to the Polar Flow web service and start your journey with Polar Loop.

How-to videos

Fit it to your wrist

Getting started with Polar Loop

Polar Flow App

Check and sync your activity on the go. Download it free

Polar Flow App App Store Badge

Polar Loop

LED display shows TIME, CALORIES, STEPS, your DAILY ACTIVITY GOAL and tips how to reach it.

Tap the button to switch between views.